Friday, March 17, 2006

... Speaking of bad die rolls (as I was like 3 months ago)

I was playing Blood Feud in New York recently. I got a copy on sale for like 20 bucks, and of course the price dropped to $15 the next day. Anyway, I finally played it*. It's pretty fun. However one time I fortified my boss a bit. Admittedly, I could have left about 3 more guys with him, and would have been plenty safe. As it was I got attacked in my Penthouse Palace. My opponent needed 9's or 10's on a d10 to kill my guys. I had about 5 guys. My opponent rolled 9,9,9,9,10. I immediately remembered why I didn't like games like that.

So that sucked. I swear to god I'm not losing that game ever again! Or at least I'm not going to let my boss die. I was never any good at Risk or Axis and Allies or anything like that because I always spread myself too thin. Evidently that's still the case.

* Eagle Games makes some good stuff, but their rulebooks suck ass. They seriously ought to hire someone to proofread them and see if they're going to look like tools to the gaming community before they print a hundred thousand of the fucking things. For god's sake, the (inconsequential) order you roll dice for combat is explained in painstaking detail, with multiple examples, but nowhere in the rules does it say that the Helicopters take 3x as long to cross a bridge as a Thug on foot!