Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Somebody's watching me!

I put Sitemeter on my blog, and it appears that people are occasionally actually visiting it now... I guess that means I should start updating once in a while.

This is basically a gaming and game design blog. I haven't been doing much with game design lately, but there might be some interesting news on that in the near future. What I'm planning to do next though is start a series of game reviews entitled "Strategy & Tactics" in which I first give a very brief description of the game, then a more in-depth summary of the various long term strategies available (the "Strategy" section), and finally some detailed tactical plays to help implement the strategies (the "Tactics" section). It would be intended for people who are already familiar with the game, not total newbies or people just thinking of trying it out.

So watch for the strategy posts coming soon!