Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yspahan - better than I gave it credit for

Evidently you can download Ystari's Yapahan for the PC and play against computer opponents. My original assessment of the game was that the different choices and strategies weren't really different enough to make much difference. After a couple games, I was undefeated but didn't feel like I'd done anything worthy of winning the games. My friend Ray says that with the die roll mechanic, sometimes the strategy you've chosen must be sidetracked because your actions aren't available to you when you need them, and then your plan B ends up getting sidetracked for the same reason. All this switching of plans amounts to the same thing I was thinking - that everyone does a little bit of everyhting, and there's really not much to the game.

Now that I downloaded it and played 25 games, I'm starting to see some subtleties of play. I wouldn't go as far as to say I really love the game, or that it's the deepest game out there, but I think Yspahan deserves more credit than I had originally given it.

Really nice implementation, too!

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