Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Terra Prime playtest and updates!

I finally got Terra Prime back out and had some friends over to test it out again. I liked it better than the last time, which is a good sign, and after he game I discussed a bunch of stuff with Bo which I believe will lead to changes that will be good for the game. Full update to come, but the most significant change is actually a rather simple one - switch the cost of Fuel Cells (aka thrusters) and Cargo Holds. I also cut down and tweaked the upgrade tech tree a bit to try and encourage people to use it more - especially the Cargo track, which was never really used before.

I even rejigged the module slots on the player boards to make the decisions about what to get more important (and to make upgrading Weapons/Shields more important). Now there's a choice between Thrusters and Cargo Holds, which is much more interesting than Shields vs Thrusters (where you'd always rather have Thrusters), and then there are 3 Weapons/Shields slots, so you can't have lots of both. If you want to hunt aliens, you'll probably want to upgrade Weapons, Shields, or both now.

I'm excited about these changes, but now I've got a lot of work to do.

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