Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sedjco Playtest Session

Another playtest meeting occurred last Sunday. It was very interesting in that I implemented the new version of All For One!

It seemed to work well enough. I look forward to testing some more soon to see if I like it. I am really used to (and enamored with) the ID version, so I'm trying to be objective with this system.

Sebastian suggests that the story track score start slow and ramp up more and more as the track goes on in order to differentiate the tracks and to get players to want to sort of shape a strategy... however I'm unsure of this because the strategy it encourages is "use the same character you want to use anyway so you can bump the same track over and over" - and also you share each track with another player. An idea I'm mulling over to solve the "no long term strategy" problem is to look at adding some kind of set collection element to the missions you complete. At the end of the game you'll already have the missions in front of you, seems like rewarding a set somehow should not take any real design work, and at the same time inject a possible long term goal.

I guess I'll keep thinking about it...

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