Monday, September 24, 2007

New game idea, perhaps

I was looking at a post-it note on my desk on which I wrote some potential game themes people said they'd like to see in a thread either on BGDF or on BGG. One of them is "Colonizing Mars"...

Suppose a game about colonizing Mars were structured as follows... There's an Earth board on which players can adjust amounts of various resources which will be needed to explore mars and build he colony and there's a mars board where players oversee the exploration and colonization of Mars the crux of the game would be that based on what you find and what you want to build on Mars, you need different resources from earth, and to adjust your production on earth you need to travel there. Of course to supervise the Mars action you need to travel there. Traveling back and forth costs time.

So there'd be some actions you can do when your pawn is on the Earth board, mostly regarding income and preparation, and there'd be actions you can do when your pawn is on the Mars board, to do with exploring, assaying, and colonizing Mars.

I'll mull this over a bit and see if anything comes of it. I envision some private information, like maybe you can take a land tile to the "assayers office" (like in M.U.L.E.) and see what type of building that plot would be suited for, then you can build a building on it that would produce some resource - or you can build without assaying first just to get whatever building you want in play.

I also envision a variety of buildings, perhaps production buildings which can start producing some of the resources needed, to save you trips to Earth, buildings which support population (this is a colonization effort after all), and who knows what else.

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