Saturday, October 20, 2007

Prototypes at BGG.con

A lot of people seem to be surfing to my blog lately from this thread at BGG. It's true, I'll have a copy (maybe 2!) of Jeff and Steve's Lost Adventures game with me at the convention. I'll also have a number of other prototypes of games designed by myself or my friends - I started a sign-up list at BGG for people interested in checking them out.

The games I'll be bringing are...

  • Lost Adventures by Jeff Warrender and Steve Sisk
  • Terra Prime by Seth Jaffee
  • All For One by Seth Jaffee and David Brain
  • Blockade Runner by Seth Jaffee and Boyan Radakovich
  • Acts of the Disciples by Jeff Warrender
  • Homesteaders by Alex Rockwell
  • Wizard's Tower by John Heder and Seth Jaffee

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