Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've noticed a lot more people reading my blog lately, some due to searches for Magic: the Gathering stuff, and some linking in from - several people check regularly from across the world - Vienna, Netherlands, even as foreign a place as Texas!

I just wanted to say "Hi" to whoever it is that's reading my blog, and encourage you to post a comment telling me at least who you are, if not how you came across my blog or whether you enjoy it.

It's good to know I have an audience :)


Alex said...

Hi Seth!

I'm the guy from Vienna :-) I'm following the development of your Proto "Terra Prime" and also your new Protos! Keep on going!

Greetings from Vienna,

Seth Jaffee said...

Thanks for commenting, Alex! I'm glad to hear you're watching Terra Prime. I've just emailed some publishers about it to see if they'd like to see a rulebook or a prototype. I am skeptical though for a number of reasons:

It's got a sci-fi theme, and despite all the new games on the market like Space Dealer, Galaxy trucker, Race for the Galaxy, Starfarers of Catan, Battlestations, etc... people seem to think that the German market won't accept Sci-fi themes. Well, obviously some market is!

And now that those games are out there, there's a question of saturation - is there room for another space themed game? I hope so, and Terra Prime is a very different type of game from the real time, novel Space Dealer and Galaxy Trucker, and it's a lot more involved than a card game like Race for the Galaxy...

Another concern I have is that it's got lots of components. Lots of games out there have as many or more components, but they are already published and don't have to worry about a publisher shying away from the game based on the potential production costs. If my name were Reiner Kinizia, then a publisher may not bat an eye if the game is component heavy, but my name is Seth Jaffee, and publishers have no guarantee (yet!) that people will like my games.

Alex said...

Hi, I think your best chance is with z-man games. And if he says no, than ask for the reason. Theme can be changed. If components are the problem, than maybe a static board with only some random tiles etc.

Personally, I like Sci-Fiction games. But I think, women do not. Please, keep us readers informed :-)