Tuesday, February 19, 2008

OrcCon 2008

I went to OrcCon over President's Day weekend, and I had a pretty good time. I'll edit this post to start including some semblance of convention report talking about the people I hung out with and games I played. I'll probably do a geeklist at BGG as well, which I'll link to here.

The convention was fun all around. I played fewer tournaments, and really didn't play well or win much. I only earned 6 Dealer Dollars. I finished out of the money in the finals for Princes of Florence, Notre Dame, On the Underground, and Guillotine. The 6 Dealer Dollars I did get came from a random game of Wheedle - a short, silly game I just happened to walk in on when they were about to start.

I didn't play any Time's Up at all, but at least I played Werewolf, and it was fun!

More to come...

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