Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Birthday Weekend - on the SedjCon schedule?

At 9:30 this morning the first guest arrived for my "Birthday BBQ," and at 1am the last guest left. After a round of disc golf with Rif and Michael, 13 other friends came by to eat food and play games such as:

* Race for the Galaxy
* Pandemic
* Puerto Rico
* Princes of Florence
* In the Year of the Dragon
* Louis XIV
* Railroad Tycoon
* Goa
* Leonardo Da Vinci
* Guitar Hero
* Katamari Damacy

It was a lot of fun, and maybe the best part was that a frisbee friend of mine, Anita, who never really plays games but who's come over a couple times and liked it, won both Puerto Rico and YotD - and against good, seasoned players!

I enjoyed this weekend so much that I might add it to the SedjCon schedule :)


Tim said...

March 22 is your birthday? Mine too! Ha! I turned 35.

Happy birthday!

BGDF User, GamesOnTheBrain

Seth Jaffee said...

Actually, my birthday isn't until Tuesday - I just celebrated it a little early. March 22 was my friend Anita's birthday - the one who won her games of PR and YotD. 3/20 is my sister's bday, and 3/24 is my mom's. I share a 3/25 birthday with a cousin as well as my grandparents' wedding anniversary, and another cousin's bday is 3/07. My first girlfriend's birthday was on St Patrick's Day... Lots of action in March I guess!

Ola said...

Keep up the good work.