Friday, June 13, 2008

Holy progress, Batman!

Last December I wrote some new years resolutions, and one of them was:

Game Publication/Submission
I'm trying to get a game published. I have 3 that are at the point where they need to be shown to publishers, and I've finally started that process. I'm learning about it as I go, so it's taking a long time because I'm not sure what I'm doing. In order to stay on track, I resolve to submit Wizard's Tower, All For One, and Terra Prime to as many publishers as possible/necessary in an attempt to get one/some/all of them published. I further resolve to enter a game in at least 2 game design contests: KublaCon in May and Hippodice in November.

To that end, I did enter a game (Reading Railroad) in the KublaCon design contest - though it didn't do very well. In addition, I handed All For One off to Zev Shlasinger of Z-Man games last November - but he has been so busy he's not had a chance to look at it.

Terra Prime is currently being reviewed by a potential publisher, and when I go to Seattle in 2 weeks I'll be meeting with them and probably playing a few games of TP with them.

Wizard's Tower really impressed the judges at the KublaCon design contest last year, and I gave a copy to Julie Haehn (who runs the contest). This year at the convention she informed me that a new publisher is cropping up in the Seattle area, and asked if she could show them Wizard's Tower. I sent her the latest and greatest rulebook and player aids for that purpose, and I guess she's given the game to them.

And finally, last March at Gamestorm Jay Tummelson asked for a copy of Homesteaders to take to the Gathering and try out. I have not heard peep from him, not even in reply to my emails checking in (which I've kept to one every 5 weeks or so), but I do know that the game was played a couple of times at the Gathering and I've talked to a couple of the people who played it.

So I guess that means I'm making progress, even if it's slow going.

Then today I got an interesting geekmail on BGG from a Dutch publisher - they said "I saw your proto of "Terra Prime" on the BGG, which looked to me. I was wondering if you are interested in sending/email us some proto games so we can take a look at them. We are busy with our 2009 program and are searching for new great games."

That sounds like really good news to me, so I'm composing a reply. I'm not entirely sure what to say, so far I've thanked them for contacting me, I've asked what kinds of games they're interested in, and I've given a short list of games with short descriptions including A41, TP, WT, Homesteaders, Reading Railroad, and Ariel's Tennis card game Love Means Nothing. I've mentioned that TP and Homesteaders are currently under review by publishers - perhaps I should not mention them at all...

I realize that Homesteaders and Love Means Nothing are not technically my games, but I feel that they are great games, I'd like to see them published, and I've been helpful in the development of both... to the point where the designer of each has said that if I help get the game published, I could have my name on the box in addition to theirs.

Maybe this is"no big deal" - but for me it seems pretty exciting. The publisher that contacted me seems like a quality operation, so I think they'd do a good job... I hope they like the sound of All For One, as that's my oldest project (that's any good) and was always sort of my flagship design (though perhaps Terra Prime has replaced that by now).

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