Wednesday, May 20, 2009

KublaCon! To-Do list

It's about time for KublaCon, I leave Friday morning bright and early. It occurs to me that I completely forgot about the KublaContest - I had planned to submit Winds of Fate this year, but I guess I just plumb forgot! :(

I think it's time to revisit that game, hopefully I'll be able to bring a version of it to KublaCon and get it played by some people.

In addition I'd really like to get some blind tests of Terra Prime and Homesteaders in at KublaCon in order to see what needs work in the rules.

So here's my To-Do list for KublaCon:
- Blind test Homesteaders
- Blind test Terra Prime
- Play and discuss Hammer and Spike with Rick Holzgrafe
- Play Winds of Fate with someone
- Play Corner Lot with JC Lawrence
- Play Ohana Proa if possible
- Play Kaivai and/or Logistico - some games I've been wanting to try for a long time.

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