Monday, March 22, 2010

ED endgame data

Looking through the record sheets for the last few games of Eminent Domain (mostly 4 player, 1 3p) it appears that if I change the end condition to "2 piles exhausted" and then reduce the piles to 12 cards each, the game should end in about 10 rounds for 4 players. The 3 player game would also have ended in Round 10. I think that sounds about right. 8 round games have definitely felt too short. 9 rounds was less bad. The 10 round 4p game we played at Gamesmiths felt pretty darn good. The 13 round 4p game we played last Saturday (2 piles exhausted and VPs ran out the same round) was way too long. In all those cases, a 2-pile exhaustion endgame trigger and 12 cards per pile would have made for a game that lasted 10 rounds.

I think a 10/11 round game is a good length. 9 is acceptable for a "short" game (not a typical game), and 12 rounds should be fine as a "long" game.

In addition, I think I'll start finishing out the round once the endgame is triggered so that every player has the same number of turns. It is so disappointing when you get fewer turns then someone, and they end the game while you are 1 action away from Colonizing a planet or trading a bunch of resources. If you can't reasonably do anything on your turn, then so be it, but if you CAN, it's too annoying not to be able to. If everyone has the same number of turns I think it'll feel more fair.

If this game end condition holds up and proves to work for all player counts, I'll be impressed, surprised, and happy! :)

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