Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ground Floor - Playtest at Gamesmiths

There is now a Game Design 'club' in Tucson called Gamesmiths. Mostly it's just me, David Short, and Michael Eskue, but Simon Stump from BGDF has been at both of the 2 meetings so far, and April's meeting had a few other faces as well, and there are a couple people we know of who say they'll come but have yet to be able to make it. Phil Eklund might join us next month, time permitting as well.

The Prototype "in the fire" for April was Ground Floor, a worker placement game by David Short that I'm helping him develop for Tasty Minstrel release in 2011. I've posted about Ground Floor before, and as far as I'm concerned it's in really good shape right now. Pretty soon we'll be getting Blind test kits together to solicit blind testing on the game.

David posted a detailed session report of our 5 player game from Monday, which really does the game justice. I look forward to playing the game again, and to seeing its release!

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