Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homesteaders - 8th place Meeple's Choice Awards!

It looks like the votes are in, and the Spielfrieks user group has chosen the recipients of their Meeple's Choice Awards. Congratulations to Smallworld, Hansa Teutonica, and Endeavor for topping the list!

Also of note, Homesteaders finished 8th of 25, which is a pretty good showing for a first time designer and a first time publisher! I knew that game would be a hit when I carried it around from convention to convention, and it's nice to see good reviews and accolades to remind me that we made the right choice making Homesteaders one of Tasty Minstrel's launch titles. :)


Doug Orleans said...

I voted for it. :) I have a feeling it would have done even better if it were more widely known. Hansa Teutonica and Endeavor got lots of hype, but I've heard a lot of "meh"s about them both. But Homesteaders has fewer than half the ratings on BGG as Hansa Teutonica (which itself has fewer than half of Endeavor) so I wonder how many MCA voters had not yet played it.

Jeff said...


Can you enter it into the running for SdJ, or does it need a German distributor to be eligible?

You might also enter it (and Terra Prime as well) into the Games 100, or the Mensa Mind games. More exposure can only be a good thing.

Seth Jaffee said...

I am not sure how to go about submitting games to these various contests. Any info in that regard would be greatly appreciated!