Monday, April 25, 2011

PDF problem fixed!

I had been experiencing some technical difficulties with my computer recently. In an effort to clean it up and make it work better, I moved and deleted some files, and my Pagemaker (1990 called, they want their software back!) decided it could no longer create a PDF. This wasn't the end of the world when it came to prototyping as I could still print from the Pagemaker program itself, but it meant I couldn't create PDF files of the EmDo expansion cards for fans and volunteers to print and play!

Well, I finally fixed the problem, and therefore will be able to release the Exotic Expansion cards (which are in no way final!) later this week for comments from the peanut gallery!

In addition, after my discussion at Spielbany with Richard James about Alter Ego, I should be able to move that design forward to a testable state, and if it goes well enough I could also offer those card files for print and play testing pretty soon.

So for those interested, watch for those announcements later this week!

- Seth

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