Thursday, February 09, 2012

Eminent Domain: Warmonger Expansion - Playtesters Needed!

A couple of months ago I posted about Print and Play files for Eminent Domain expansions, and while some people did join the folder, I haven't heard back from very many of them. So I thought I'd try again, in a more organized fashion. So if you're interested in playtesting the upcoming expansion to Eminent Domain, read on...

There will be 1, possibly 2 expansions for Eminent Domain coming out this year: "Warmonger" and "Exotic." That's what I've been calling them anyway, I'm open to suggestions for their titles! I've been given the green light to send out the prototype files to people interested in helping us playtest the prototype.

The expectation if you sign up would be that you do indeed get at least one playtest session in, and that you complete a simple form that will give us feedback about how it went. We couldn’t have any public reviews made about the playtest sessions until we’ve finalized all the rules of course. The file will be simple to print out - just a bunch of cards - and could be compatible with a printed copy of the game if you use sleeves. I'll include a prototype copy of the basic game as well for those who haven't got sleeves, or who would prefer the art match the expansoin prototype art :)

So if you’re interested – send me (seth) an email (AT tastyminstrelgames DOT com) and I'll send you the files in about a week!

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