Thursday, February 14, 2013

Orccon bound!

By this time tomorrow afternoon I'll be in (hopefully) sunny California. Well, at the very least I'll be at a hotel next to LAX, settling in for a weekend of gaming at Strategicon's annual Orccon event.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend. Here's what I'm bringing with me:

GAME PROTOTYPES - Find me to play!
* Eminent Domain: Escalation
* Eminent Domain: Exotica
* Captains of Industry
* Exhibit: Artifacts of the Ages

* Eminent Domain Playmats - I would love to sell a couple of these, or potentially trade for a game or two.

* Ground Floor Short Guides - I'll have a handful of these to hand out. Find me if you'd like one.
* Rincon 2013 Flyers and Business Cards
* Rincon 2013 Exhibitor Packets - to hand out in the Vendor room.

It has been a while since I've really participated in any tournaments at the Strategicon events, and that's one of their stronger features. So maybe this time I'll try to get into more of the tournaments, see if I can't earn some Dealer Dollars and go home with a free or discounted game.

Are you going to Orccon this weekend? Leave a comment below and let's get together for some gaming, or a trip to lunch or dinner!


Connie said...

Orccon was a blast! It was too awesome playing the prototypes with you. I can't wait to get the actual finished copies into my hands.

We also played on those playmats, and now that we have, I think we're addicted to them. They made dice rolling (and card playing) so much more pleasant. Next time we see you, we will definitely be purchasing more playmats.

Sing Tang said...

Hey! It was fun seeing you again this year and we had so much fun playing EmDo Exotica, Captains of Industry, and Exhibit! When we got home we had a go with the two new EmDo playmats we got from you and I have to say that they're awesome! We'll have to pick more up from you the next time we see you! Hope to see you soon!