Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EmDice Prototype Progress

One of my faithful readers was nice enough to create and send me a jpg that could be printed out on full sheet labels to create stickers to make EmDo dice. Thanks for that! Pretty soon I'll be creating a print and play package for EmDice which includes that sheet as well as my tech board and planet tiles.

In the meantime, I stickered up 2 players worth of dice last night. It was a little more work than it should have been, because - well - nothing ever works like it's supposed to, and I always seem to have to do things the hard way :/ But anyway, I now have pretty dice - which are strictly speaking not necessary - I could have continued to use numbers - but eventually I'll want this to help get people to play with me.

I also updated my Tech board. Turns out I was wrong in my last post about some of the techs - I had already did things like replace Dissension with "Colonize die faces = Produce die faces" (a much stronger ability, befitting level 3) for example. At any rate, I made some of the modifications I had talked about, and of course was unable to make a PDF out of it. Apparently I do not have a PDF printer thingy, I'll have to go online and download one, if my old-ass computer can handle that :/

Sorry to rant. The point of this post is that I have updated some stuff, and if it tests well (and I can figure out how), I'll provide print and play files for people to try the game out!

... I still need a game end trigger though. I will probably start with some Resource limit (though higher than the 24 in the card game, as it's easier to produce and trade in this version). Too bad, because I was looking forward to using th same tokens for both Fighters and resources.


Thomas D said...

Endgame thoughts

The first player to get X planets triggers the last turn?

Randomly remove 1/3 of the planet tiles. When the draw bag is empty, add the remaining planet tiles to the bag plus a "Game End" tile.

Robby said...

Now post a pic to give us a sneak peak :)
And don't worry about the pdf printer, most of them work on really old computers (like mine)