Monday, April 01, 2013

EmDice: Playtester prototype pics, and an update

One of you awesome people who has printed a copy of EmDice sent me some pics...

Thanks for sending those! They included the file they used for the Fighter/Resource/VP tokens as well.

I realized that there was an error in my original prototype files - I had used the Fertile Planet icon in a few places where I should have used the colonize icon (oops!) - I have replaced the EmDice Proto file with the correct icons.

In addition I created player boards with areas for Fighters, Influence, Planets, Active dice, and Used dice. There's a turn order reminder on it as well.

And I made a clarification to the rule about "Re-roll +1 Die" - I would like to try allowing that extra die to come from the Used pile if you like. In other words, if you have dice in the used pile when you Dissent, you get 1 back in addition to re-rolling any dice of 1 chosen type. If you don't have dice in the used pile, then you're allowed to re-roll 1 extra Active die in addition to any dice of 1 type.


Mike Tunison said...

I brought mine to the RinCon event Saturday but never actually got to play. Ran through a game with some friends at lunch today and really enjoyed it. Very few of us used Colonize so I wonder if it's underpowered. Warfare takes at least two turns, but allows you to save up fighters without holding onto the dice, so getting to the higher amounts is easier. I also think I'm going to make a larger tech board since it gets a bit crowded with all the bits on there.

Definitely looking forward to more play and I'll let you know if we try tweaking any rules.

Seth Jaffee said...

Well, Colonize icons are arguably stronger than Warfare icons, and it takes 2 turns to flip a planet via warfare and only 1 to flip via Colonize.

You can get a little more efficiency by collecting Fighters across multiple turns, but also note that whenever you do that, your opponents can follow, where following Colonize only helps if they have enough Colonize icons active!

The only new tweak is that the "Re-roll +1 die" power allows you to take that extra die from the used pile. If you do not have a die in the used pile, then you can re-roll an additional active die.

Grarduck said...


I made a quick French translation of the rules and player boards. Would you like the file for review and maybe hosting it?

Best regards,


Seth Jaffee said...

Grarduck: That would be great, thanks!

please email to seth at tastyminstrelgames dot com