Monday, September 16, 2013

Captains of Industry / City Hall - Keller Double Feature

Captains of Industry / City Hall - Keller Double Feature

 The other day TMG launched a new Kickstarter project for 2 upcoming titles:

Captains of Industry and City Hall

In this project you can get either game for about 30% off MSRP (save $20)... OR you can get a package deal and get both of them for $70! That's 46% off - save $60... that's 2 for the MSRP of one!

That's a pretty ridiculous deal, and if you are into economic euro style games (and if you're reading this, the chances are good), then this might be the project for you!

I said euro style, and I meant it. But for euro style games, both of these are very interactive. Neither one feels like a solitary experience.

In Captains of Industry the players set the market prices, and they buy goods from each other. This makes the game very interactive as players compete directly with each other on prices, and every game plays out differently.

In City Hall players auction off actions, or pay to take the action themselves. This requires a lot of resource management, evaluation of the actions, and paying attention to what your opponents have been up to.

I like these games, and if you're reading this then I bet you will too. I suggest you check them out, and since it's such a good deal you might consider taking a chance on them. We have some resources available to help you make up your mind - I'll link to the rulebooks below, and there are game play videos and reviews for City Hall online from the previous project. A game play video for Captains of Industry should be ready soon as well.


City Hall rules
Captains of Industry rules

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