Monday, January 27, 2014

Captains of Industry playtester credit - Don't get missed!

We're finally wrapping up the art on Captains of Industry this week, and I want to make sure I don't forget any playtesters...

The designer has posted on his own blog about this, and I want to make sure my players also get their due credit. Some players just played the game, some offered feedback, and some helped me do analysis and computer simulations! I appreciate each of those types of players, without you guys, game design is very difficult and boring - games are meant to be played!

I'd love to give thanks to each and every player who's sat down to a game of Captains of Industry (even under the old title: Titans of Industry), but there's only so much room in the rulebook - so we usually only name those players who played many times through many iterations, and players who gave significant feedback that got incorporated into the game. So if you don't see your name listed individually, please know that your participation in the process is still appreciated!

So leave a comment if you ever played a game of Captains of Industry WITH ME OR MY COPY (no need to tell me if you played with Michael - he should have you on his list).


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