Thursday, July 17, 2014

Aquasphere Quickstarter launches MONDAY 7/21!

Here's the news...

The Quickstarter project for Aquasphere will run 10 days: from 7/21 to 7/31.


So watch your email for a TMG newsletter on Monday announcing the launch, or just go search for it on Kickstarter, or subscribe to Aquasphere on BGG (I'm sure SOMEBODY will mention it there) so you don't miss out!

Since Aquasphere is an import and not an in-house design, I don't foresee any stretch goals or additional goodies being added. This is a short-run campaign to (a) determine how many copies to bring over to the US, and (b) get some up-front money to pay for doing so.

Time to start getting excited about this new Feld title! Oh, am I too late? Already excited? Well, time to start getting excited about actually getting it! :)

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