Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Winds of Update...

I've been meaning to make a Winds of Fate update, so I figured I'd post here so I don't forget by the time I get around to it.

My latest thought is to give the Adventure cards cards two different values, one value for the adventure (as they have now), and a separate value for competing for the God tile. Of course I'll set them up so that if you're play is strong toward the god tile, then you're automatically weak for the adventure... if you want to score off the God tile, then you are probably giving up control of Odysseus' destiny. Or if you care about the outcome of the adventure, then you're probably not winning the God tile.

This solves one problem, however it doesn't solve the other... In both cases you're encouraged to stay in the adventure. No matter what you're just basically playing cards to get the bigger prizes.

I have a potential fix for that. Currently the structure is that you play cards until you want to bail (either because you are out of cards, or you don't care to play any more), and when you bail you get a "Consolation" of cards and/or points. The earlier you bail, the more cards you get back to make you stronger in future adventures. the later you bail, the fewer cards you get, but the more points you get, and the better reward tiles...

The fix I've been meaning to try is drafting the reward tiles in REVERSE turn order rather than the new turn order. Specifically, when you bail you draft a reward tile right then. So if you stay in, you're fighting for either control of the path, or for the god tile, at the cost of better rewards.

In fact, this could remove the consolation altogether. I worry a little about card recharge not being enough, but maybe players can draw a couple cards as a standard, or I could make more card rewards, or players could opt for cards in lieu of the reward (so if you spend more cards and stay in longer, then you get a lesser reward, you might just take cards instead).

I just wanted to get this down so I don't forget it. hopefully soon I'll get around to updating the prototype.

Edit: I have updated my prototype, and I hope to play by this time next week.

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