Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crusaders (maybe) final version - PnP for blind testing

3/7/16 EDIT: Updated PnP Files - some minor changes:
* Upped bonus for Level IV Bank to 4vp/"IV" Building
* Changed the end game bonus for enemy majorities to 5vp for 1st and 2vp for 2nd
* Made end game bonus scoring tokens to hand out for those
* In a 2p game you can still get 2nd place in those, but you have to have at least 1 token to qualify
* Updated a few of the Faction powers

Playtest feedback form:

Previous post follows:

Today I spent some time updating my prototype for Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done, and now I've got Print and Play files ready for blind testing!

I also threw together 8 more faction powers (first draft) which could use some testing, I'm sure some will be cut, but maybe some are good and fun enough to include in the game.

So... who would like to do some blind testing? I will post links to the PnP files below, I only ask that if you do print and play with them, that you email me with feedback -- especially on the balance of the faction powers (which are too strong, which are too weak, which are no fun, which you like best).

Crusaders files:
Page 1: Building and troop tokens for 4 players (21 tokens per player) -- you have to sort of tape together the bottom row, they wouldn't quite fit on the page.

Pages 2 and 3: Player boards in 4 player colors

Pages 4 and 5: Rondel tiles, front and back. Make sure the correct fronts and backs are lined up... MUSTER (INFLUENCE) should go with (MUSTER / INFLUENCE) for example.

Pages 6 and 7 (OPTIONAL): Backing for the player boards. You could skip these.

Pages 8 and 9: Faction cards which bestow a special power.

Page 10 (OPTIONAL): Faction card backs. You could skip these.

Crusaders Map Board:
Page 1: 4-sectional board for 3-4 players (print each section on a separate letter sheet and tape together)
Page 2: 4-sectional board for 2 players. Could go on the back of the 3-4p board. If not playing with 2 player, could skip this.
Page 3: Enemy Strength Track and Saracen tiles

Crusaders rules:

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