Monday, November 20, 2017

YANGI: Dice Drafting Rondel game idea

Dice Drafting Rondel

You guessed it, I've had Yet Another New Game Idea (TM). This time it's a dice drafting rondel game. I found a note on my desk at work that I wrote a few weeks ago, and I had some time, so I thought about it a bit and pretty quickly sketched out a mechanical idea. Like I've mentioned before, from this point I'd probably need a theme that fits before I could make much more progress.

Imagine a Rondel with black spaces, gray spaces, and white spaces on it.

* Black spaces show specific basic resource icons which allow you to collect basic resources, as well as a higher level resource icons.
* Gray spaces show conversion icons which allow you to trade resources around, and next to each gray space there'd be a building tile with an ability and a resource cost.
* White spaces show coin icons which allow you to collect coins, and next to each white space there'd be a contract card with some requirement and some reward.

Each player has a pawn on the rondel, or maybe there's a single shared pawn -- I suppose either way would work.

I could imagine this rondel being printed on a board, or I can imagine it being assembled from tiles, such that the order of the spaces is not the same every game.

During setup, you'd roll 3 dice into a pool, 1 Black, 1 Gray, and 1 White.

On your turn:
  1. Choose one of the three dice, and move your pawn clockwise on the rondel to the next space of the color matching the chosen die (you could pay some cost in coins to skip that one and move to the 2nd such space, etc).
  2. Resolve that space according to the number of pips on the chosen die:
    1. Black: Either:
      1. Collect PIP of the resource shown, or 
      2. Exchange PIP of the resource shown into the higher level resource shown.
    2. Gray: Either:
      1. For each pip on the die, either make the specific conversion shown, or collect 1 coin (maybe exchanges of advanced resources cost 2 pips), or
      2. Purchase the building tile here by paying the printed resource cost, plus PIP coins (or additional resources?).
    3. White: Either
      1. Place up to PIP of your resources onto your contract cards, in an effort to complete them, or
      2. Pay PIP coins to take the contract card here.
  3. Re-roll the chosen die back into the pool for the next player.
[edited to make the actions interesting for both high and low rolls]

So you draft a die to collect, convert, or spend resources, and you care about the color for the type of action, and the pip value for the value of the action.

Thoughts on this? Any theme that might be a particularly good fit?

[edited to add this theme idea]

Here's a theme idea that may be a bit unusual:
You're an aspiring actor, seeking fame (and fortune?)... but you have to start somewhere. You wander around doing small jobs (voiceover work, perhaps?) to gain experience (collect resources), and maybe parlay some of that into some decent gigs (advanced resources). With enough experience and a couple of bucks you can take classes (build buildings) which give you an edge in certain aspects. Ultimately you're trying to land roles in TV and Movies (contract cards) to earn fame.


Jeff said...

Sounds neat. I’m not sure about the grey action though — for me “resource conditioning” actions just seem less interesting than if the game would just let me spend the resources it has given me on something actually interesting. Maybe if there are two tiers of resources and the action let’s you go between those it could work.

This might work as the core mechanism for an adventure game, where black is the resources you need to complete quests, Frey is movement over the varied terrain (high number lets you overcome difficult terrain), white are the missions themselves.

Instead of obvious ‘fantasy quest’, how about something quirky like you’re Vizzini, being paid to start wars between neighboring countries? Maybe the number of ears a country is involved in affect the difficulty of travel in that country or something.

Jeff said...

Uh, some obvious and silly autocorrect errors in there, sorry about that...

Seth Jaffee said...

@Jeff - I updated the actions to reflect a better scheme, I think... one in which both high and low rolls could be good.

I'm thinking the Black spaces would generate basic resources, or let you upgrade basic resources into advanced ones, the Gray spaces would let you collect coins or swap some resources around (same level, just to make sure you have the right ones), or let you pay the resource cost of a building or tool (plus additional coins or resources based on the die value), and the White spaces would let you either buy contract cards for coins, or deliver resources to your contract cards to fulfill them.