Monday, May 07, 2018

Quick Crusaders expansion idea so I don't forget!

Last week I tested a first draft of the new Influence action, and while it could use some tweaks, it worked alright.

The other day I thought of something I could add as a reward on the Influence tiles other than simply 1-shot and permanent icons...

What if you could, upon taking an influence tile, immediately distribute one of the other bins on your action wheel?

Timing-wise, I always say that you resolve the action, THEN distribute the action markers. I realize that players frequently do this in the wrong order, distributing first, then resolving the action. I even catch myself doing that sometimes. This idea could be prone to error if players insist on distributing cubes before resolving the action, but maybe this rule will encourage them not to do that, and it shouldn't be too hard to fix if someone does that.

You see, because if you do an influence action that earns the right to distribute a bin, that could put tokens into the current bin, which would further be distributed at the end of your turn. So if you distribute, THEN take the tile (allowing you to distribute some more), you could en up with some cubes in the wrong place.

Realistically it would probably be just 1 cube, and the error might not even be in your favor very often, so maybe I shouldn't care about people who do it wrong.

Anyway, I think this is a neat ability, and I could also add it to some of the expansion buildings -- like maybe all the vaults (the ones that give an upgrade), and the level 3 keep and chapel.


Sean McCarthy said...

How about (if you include that ability) you make it "after distributing the cubes for your current action, take another action". I think that way is more intuitive. Why fight it?

Seth Jaffee said...

@Sean - as much as I dislike having to make rules that are counter to the way I see things working in the game, I think you are correct. Even if the rule feels more fiddly to me, the actual play of the game is probably aided by changing that ability to "after your turn, distribute any 1 bin."

The only real difference is that you could choose the same bin you just distributed (though 99% of the time there won't be any tokens in it, so that doesn't really matter).

There's another aspect of the expansion where timing matters... when you build a chapel, you get to add a cube to your action wheel. Technically, this is done before you distribute your cubes for the turn, so the new cube would be distributed along with the ones that were there already. If you distribute before resolving the action of building a chapel, then you'll sort of have to ret-con to figure out which bin that new cube should be in.

That one is not quite as simple to "fix" or error-proof, unless I say that you can add the cube to any wedge you want, which is an increase in power of the ability, but maybe not a game-breaking one.