Saturday, August 25, 2018

Dice drafting + worker placement?

Thinking some more about the new dice drafting idea I had the other day, and discussing it with my friend Steve, some new thoughts have come to light.

Actually, Steve suggested something that I don't think I've seen before... combining dice drafting with worker placement. Suppose the cards you play (perhaps from a public supply) have worker spots on them, and after drafting a die, you place it in a worker spot. You'd have a home spot that said "collect resources according to the die," and then the cards would have other actions on them. Perhaps there's a coin resource, and placing a die costs PIP coins, but the effect is often based on the pip value as well, so a higher pip value means a stronger action, but at a higher cost.

With that in mind, I think I like the format of 2 dice per resource type, plus 2 dice for "build," and I like the idea of a face up public pool of buildings to choose from (like in Lords of Waterdeep).

Just wanted to jot this down so I don't forget!


A. Gerald Fitz said...

Nice idea, aabit like Harbor with dice. Keep in mind that Rahdo and lots of other players dont like 1 pip to equal weak and 6 to equal strongest. They view that like a roll and move design choice. They like the way Castles of Burgundy does it.

achal said...

True. The concept of 1 being week and 6 being strong might be suitable for some set of theme/mechanics but in reality right now we have almost apposite. Majority of dice games have this notion. I am not saying that who ever have used are wrong, its just what we have a trend/norm in dice games.

In strategic games the number of pips should be used to drive the path, not to determine benefits based on number of pips. Since it is possible that from strategic point of view choosing low pip path have high profit in short/long term compared to high pips value.