Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All For One epiphany

There's always been a concern that a competitive player might maliciously drop all tokens off any character they activate to keep other people from completing missions. It's always been a threat that this kind of play would ruin a playtester's experience, though it hasn't seemed to come up in practice. Still, it's something David and I don't like in the game, and he's gone as far as to make a rule about when you're allowed to drop things in order to control such malicious play. I haven't been satisfied by any rules I can think of to control this kind of thing because players are supposed to be able to use characters to move tokens around the board. I think the answer just came to me this morning while composing an email to David... if dropping items is causing a problem, why not simply disallow dropping items? It's so simple, and it automatically solves the problem and at the same time encourages more use of the other actions in the game in order to move the tokens between characters.

I'm going to put that rule in effect for the very next playtest!

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