Sunday, July 15, 2007

A thematic movement mechanic, but what theme?

I have this movement mechanic, and I wonder what kind of game it would go well in.

The point is that the board would have some topography, like each space has a number representing it's relative elevation. Players would have some tokens/chits/cards/whatever representing energy, and you pay some amount of energy to move from one Elevation to a higher Elevation (you pay the difference in elevation). Moving to a lower elevation would cost less, probably 1 energy per 2 elevation levels. And if you don't move on your turn (rest) then you get 1 energy in addition to your regular income.

So moving from Elevation 2 to Elevation 5 costs 3 energy, while moving back down from 5 to the 2 costs just 2 energy. Climbing from Elevation 1 to Elevation 6 costs 5 energy, jumping back down would cost 3.

I'll keep this one on the back burner for a while until I can think (or someone can suggest) a theme in which this mechanic would fit. Maybe hiking/trailblazing, looking for something (set collection, pickup/deliver - could use some mechanic to represent GPS... Geocaching maybe).

I think each player should have multiple pawns to move (but just 1 pool of energy to spend from).

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Tim said...

Neat-sounding mechanic. It might work well with some form of Tibetan or Nepali theme. I can imagine monks traveling to mountain retreats or something.