Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brain Freeze!

I finally got around to prototyping the idea I had for the card game with the chess clock. I ended up making cards that each have one of 5 shapes in one of 5 colors, so 25 cards per deck, one deck per player (different backs). On your turn you match either color or shape.

Untimed game:
If you cannot, or don't want to, play from the 3 face up cards, then you may flip cards from your deck until you find a legal play you wish to make. Place ALL cards flipped up onto the stack in the middle of the table, with the legal play on top (OR, play the legal card on top, and discard the rest). If you can't make a play, then you lose.

Timed game:
Same as untimed, with the following exceptions:
1. When flipping cards, only the legal play is placed in the center, the rest are then returned to the bottom of your deck.
2. Set each player's clock for 40 seconds. After making your play (but before replacing the card played or placing the flipped-through cards under your deck), hit the clock to start your opponent's turn. If you run out of time, you lose.

If one player is consistently winning, consider handicapping that player by reducing the amount 0f time on his clock.

Since the game takes about a minute and a half,total, multiple games can be played. The player who wins one game should begin the next by flipping the top card of their deck into the play area (after the decks are shuffled and each player lays out their 3 cards of course).

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