Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Delays :/

In an effort to put my best foot forward, I need to update the cards and board for All For One before sending it to Z-man. However, doing so has proven to be more difficult than I thought. While I have the time, I simply don't have the expertise to make the prototype look as good as I want it to.

THANK GOD for Ariel Seoane, who has decided to help me with this. He's a great graphic designer, and he's got all the tools and skills to create great looking prototype files. I feel somewhat bad about him doing this work for me, but he assures me it's no problem.

Even if Z-Man decides not to publish All For One (which, as a pessimist, I fully expect to be the case), I hope they are impressed with Ariel's work and hire him to do graphics on whatever games they do decide to publish.

Sadly, the graphics overhaul takes time... which means I have to make Z-Man wait, which feels somewhat unprofessional considering I got the go-ahead to send it in. I don't know their schedule but I'm certain they're very busy. I sent Zev an email to this effect, and hopefully he'll still be interested or have time to review the game when I do get it to him, which will be later than if I just sent what I've got now (which is out of date, written on and badly in need of updating).

On the up side, the game itself is much improved. So that's good.

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