Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BGG.con report - outline

I went to BGG.con last week, and had a great time. I plan on expounding on this topic, but I'd like to break it up into multiple posts. This post will serve as a sort of outline for that.

Essen releases:
Race for the Galaxy x2
Wurfel Bingo x2

Old Standbys:
Puerto Rico x2
Railroad Tycoon
Guitar Hero
Times Up!

My Prototypes:
Terra Prime
All for One
Blockade Runner x2
Wizard's Tower xlots
Brain Freeze
Rodeo Drive

Other people's prototypes:
Lost Adventures (Jeff Warrender and Steve Sisk)
Homesteaders (Alex Rockwell)
Salvage (Dan Manfredini)
Suitcases (some guy)
Prolix (Gil Hova)
Wag the Wolf (Gil Hova)

Puzzle Hunt
Game Show

Zev (Z-Man)
Jay (Rio Grande)

I managed to not play any Werewolf this time out. I was a little disappointed about that.

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