Monday, November 12, 2007

To Dallas for BGG.con!

Wednesday morning I leave for Dallas for BGG.con, 4 days of gaming goodness! I'm actually trying to stretch that out a bit by going the day before it actually starts, and leaving the day after it ends (though that was mostly because of plane tickets).

As for game playing, I'm really looking forward to playing the following new games:

Race for the Galaxy

...and I know for a fact I'll have access to a copy of Agricola, because Stephanie loves it and is bringing her copy. I had made a geeklist at BGG in which I listed a number of new games I was interested in, but the 4 above are my tier 1 choices.

In addition, I've set up a sign up list for playing prototypes at the convention. I've got a number of people signed up to play:

Terra Prime
Blockade Runner
Lost Adventures

And some other designers have posted games to the list as well, such as IngredientX (Gil Hova) and his cool word game Prolix, as well as his media game Wag the Wolf (which I've been playing online, and it's pretty cool).

Jeff and Steve sent me a sweet prototype of Lost Adventures to use at the con, and then leave with Zev Shlasinger for consideration. Zev also said he'd try and make time for me to show him All For One and Wizard's Tower. That's pretty exciting! Jay Tummelson will be there, and I'm going to try and show some of my stuff to him as well.

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Gil said...

Thanks for the props! I'm looking forward to trying Terra Prime again!