Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oops, forgot! (Re: WoF)

I forgot something when posting last night that I was unhappy with the bet chip format (specific locations, drawn randomly)...

For one thing, the bet chips themselves are worth VPs, so if you take a reward tile that says "get a bet chip" you at least get the base VPs for the chip. Maybe you get to make a bet with it (will reach that location in such-and-such round) that will payoff decently, maybe not. In any case - and here's what I forgot - you can use ANY bet chip to add to your Destiny Bet (bet on which game end condition will trigger). So you can keep a 'useless' bet chip for the base VPs, or bet it on the Destiny bet for a potential gain. Therefore they're not completely useless, and maybe the idea is fine as is.

It turns out I had all these thoughts before, but spaced them last night when I was reconsidering the idea. On the down side, I stopped worrying about this idea and therefore did not update the prototype accordingly (also, I broke my stupid circle punch thing because it was too weak to cut through 1 layer of Chipboard :( )

I might not be able to test the game (and I definitely won't be able to test that mechanism) this week at GameStorm (to which I'm on my way as I type this). I'll have to give it a shot when I get home. I also need to make a new board with 4 columns instead of 3 and a couple more Encounter tiles.

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