Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eminent Domain, cont'd.

In light of the new structure of the game, here is a restructuring the actions and roles for Eminent Domain... now the Follow action is the same as the Role action - but having chosen the role you get 1 additional symbol (from the Role card you must take):


  • Action: Peek at any face down planet tile.

  • Role: Move ship 1 space per symbol played.
  • Action: Draw 2 cards.

  • Role: Play symbols based on location of ship. Claim planet tile under your ship.
  • Action: Collect 1 Army.

  • Role: Collect 1 Army per symbol played OR Discard 5 Armies to attack planet under your ship.
  • Action: Produce 1 Resource on one of your planets.

  • Role: Produce 1 Resource on your planets per symbol played.
  • Action: Collect 1 VP.

  • Role: For each symbol played, discard 1 Resource from your planet and collect 1 VP.
  • Action: Remove 1 card in hand from the game.

  • Role: Look at a legal Tech deck and choose a Tech costing no more than the number of symbols played. Shuffle all cards from that Tech into your deck.

Each player will have a ship pawn which will start on their staring planet site. Via the Survey action you can move your ship around the array of face down planet tiles, turning face up the one you land on. You can take this planet tile in front of you and claim its benefits by either the colonize action (cost in symbols depends on distance from start tiles), or the warfare action (cost is a standard 5(?) armies).

Each planet tile will have either an Icon for one of the 6 actions, a 1VP symbol, or a +1 Hand Size. All other benefits will be rolled into the technology decks, which should either be bigger, or there should be 6 (one for each action) instead of 3. I'm not sure if I want to split that up into 6 decks yet - if I do that I might also make 6 types of planets - 1 per action (rather than 3 types of everything, 2 actions associated with each type). I kind of like 3 types, each with 2 actions associated with it, so I'll probably keep it that way. I might make a 4th type - a generic typs - which has 1 of each icon represented in the set.

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