Friday, January 29, 2010

Eminent Domain - Technologies

I'm thinking of a potentially streamlined way to do the technologies, once they're split up into 3 levels of techs and you purchase the one you want:

For the sake of discussion, let's refer to the 6 actions in the game as A, B, C, D, E, and F. Let's also say that any given Technology deck will be comprised of cards with 2 icons each, one of which will be one of the 2 associated with the type of deck (i.e. Harvest and Colonize for the Fertile deck). Therefore each card in the deck can be described as XA, XB, XC... YA, YB, YC... where X and Y are, in the case of the Fertile deck, Harvest and Colonize.

Now, on with the post...

Proposed technology deck format
Suppose there were just 1 Action/Effect/Ability associated with each of the 6 actions (A-F). Maybe each level of technology in a deck should have those 6 Actions/Effects/Abilities on 2 cards each:
XA, YA: Action/Effect/Ability A
XB, YB: Action/Effect/Ability B
XC, YC: Action/Effect/Ability C
... etc.

It could be that the Level 1 techs have no Action/Effect/Ability (just double symbols), or a weak one (maybe the same action as the Role card - thus a Harvest/Colonize card would be exactly the same as a Colonize card, but with a Harvest icon on it as well. The level 2 techs would have the nifty Action/Effect/Abilities on them*. Level 3 techs are probably going to be cards with strong abilities that stay in play, and are worth significant points.

* Ooh, just thought of this - the Level 2 tech cards could have BOTH actions - like a WS card could have "Action: Get 1 Army AND Draw 2 cards" (!) - this removes interesting abilities, but might be good anyway, and easy to try.

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Seth Jaffee said...

Last Friday I made a new set of Technology cards to try this new system, and I realized while sleeving them that I now have 45 more technology cards than I used to. Back to the store to get more sleeves! I picked some up yesterday and finished sleeving last night. Now to test and see how it feels. I have frisbee tonight and tomorrow, so Thursday is likely the first chance I'll get to give it a go. Hopefully I'll find someone to try it with me!