Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another round of Warmonger updates

I went through the Warmonger tech cards again and made a few more tweaks...

Philosophically, I thought it might be good to make it so that EACH of the new tech cards could be bought with Fighters (before there were some that had the normal Research cost, no fighters), so I went through and added "/ [Fighter icon]" to all of the new tech cards.

I also wanted Destroyers to be a bigger deal. Thus far they haven't had as much impact as I'd like. So I made a couple of tweaks to that end:
* All of the level 2 Diverse Tech cards cost 5 Research or 1 Destroyer now
* Destroyer Tech card now gives 2 Destroyers instead of 1 (it was not being used, and generally speaking not too useful)
* Annex now costs 7 Research or 1 Dreadnaught (I also wanted to see more Dreadnaughts in costs)

A few more tweaks to strengthen/weaken a few tech cards that seemed too weak/too strong:
* Oversight Committee: "+1 Hand Size, Action: Draw 3 cards" (instead of Hand Size +2). I'm not sure that's necessary, but hand size +2 is pretty darn good. I also wanted to see Actions on permanent tech cards.
* Colony Ship: I love the idea, but it does not seem to be useful enough, or useful often enough... now it reads "Once per turn (and during Colonize roles) you may tuck a Colonize card under Colony Ship as if it were a planet. During a Colonize Role you may redistribute all of the Colonies in your Empire." That wording isn't perfect - the intent is that once per turn you can 'streamline' a colonize card out of your deck by placing it under Colony Ship, and also when tucking colonies during a Colonize role (or action, I guess) you can treat Colony Ship as if it were a planet - then later you can use those to Colonize by shifting them over. I think this additional benefit will help enough to make this card desirable.
* Scientific Discovery: I'm going to try this version next: "Action: Take any Tech card costing 3 or less and put it into your hand. Play an additional action this turn."
* I haven't changed it at all, but I wonder if Combat Maneuvers isn't useful enough - I don't think I've ever seen it in play.
* Military Campaign: Added a clause that the opponent can discard a Dreadnaught to cancel the attack. The intent is that they'd choose to do that after the costs are paid (Fighters and Dreadnaught discarded by the Attacker). If they cancel the attack, they get no Reparations.

Status of Improved Fleet: I'm leaning toward 2vp for flipping the tile, and 2 more VP for having your Dreadnaught in play. Also, the Improved exchange rate I'm trying is:
* Action: 2 Fighters -> 1 Destroyer (as many times as you want)
* Action: 2 Destroyers -> 1 Dreadnaught

Also, I removed the "discard in lieu of fighters" ability from the Fleet side of the Fleet tile, mostly to make room for the Improved Fleet text.

There were a few more tech cards I wanted to add. I'm open to name suggestions on each of these by the way:
Midnight Oil
Diverse Level 2 (5 Research/1 Destroyer)
2 Exotic symbols (I wasn't sure what to put on there)
Action: Choose a Role. Opponents can Follow or Dissent as normal.

Well Oiled Machine
Diverse Level 3 Permanent (7 Research/1 Dreadnaught)
You may take an additional Role phase each turn. If you do, opponents can Follow or Dissent as normal.

Diverse Level 3 Permanent (7 Research/1 Dreadnaught)
[Destroyer icon] (A Destroyer you can spend once per turn, like the fighters on the Hostile planets)

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