Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ask @sedjtroll

I mentioned online today that I didn't think I was using Twitter enough, so I posted a tweet asking my followers to let me know what sorts of tweets they'd be interested in. I figure I might as well aggregate and post the questions and responses here on my blog.

@toddderscheid: what are you playing these days? What games have pushed others out of circulation?
Here's my response. I realized my responses would be far too long for a 140 character post, so I used Twitlonger. This may defeat the purpose of my original comment (not using Twitter enough), but I did tweet the link :)
says he'd like to hear about design inspiration and how to turn a prototype into something publishers would want to produce.

Here's my response to that one. I took a look at a few of my designs to see what inspired them.

I'll try to remember to update this post as I answer additional questions.

One of thee days I'd like to utilize to answer people's question via video. I think that's a really neat format, and I'd like to see it utilized more.

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