Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Themestorming session #1 (Exhibit): Success!

I had a nice long chat with Clive and John in a G+ Hangout to do some Themestorming for Exhibit: Artifacts of the Ages, with the goal of getting thematic names for the special tiles. I think it was rather successful, here's what I've got now:

1) Government Grant
2) Research Assistants
3) Professor Emeritus
4) Antiquities Broker
5) Expanded Vault
6) Deadbeat Shill (maybe there's a better name for this)
7) Philanthropist
8) Premium Show Case (or Premium Display)
9) Holy Grail

I am wondering if I need to worry about creating individual (real or imagined) artifacts, or if it'll suffice to say that "that tile is an Early Roman Tool."

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