Thursday, November 01, 2012

Moctezuma's Railroad of Fate

I mentioned on Twitter/FB recently that I'm revisiting some of my old designs - finally! In about 2 weeks I'm going to BGG.con, and I hope to bring 3 prototypes with me. I hope to utilize Proto Alley to test these out again and see if they're as promising as I remember - and to find out what each one needs to move forward. Here are the three games I'm bringing, in no particular order:

Moctezuma's Revenge

At the height of the Aztec empire, great temples were built for the Kings. When their time had come, the Kings were entombed in their temples to be revered forever, surrounded by great treasures of the Aztec people! While researching the temples it’s easy to make off with Aztec treasure, but some of the kings are cursed!

Research the temples and collect treasure, but beware of cursed treasure – it’ll count against you! Also, some temples contain clues to the whereabouts of the fabled lost City of Gold! Find all the clues and lead the way to El Dorado!

Odysseus: Winds of Fate

Play as the Sisters of Fate, who observe Odysseus on his voyage from Troy to Ithaca. Not entirely interested in whether he makes it home safe or not, you will bet on the outcome of Odysseus' journey, and then use your influence to make sure your bets pay off.

Reading Railroad 

Use Resource Letters to form words and earn Coins for each letter used. Spend Coins to build connections between cities and collect City Tiles. At the end of the game score points by spelling out words using collected City Tiles.

Hmm... I usually have more colorful descriptions than those above for Winds of Fate and Reading Railroad. Weird. In any case, I think all three of these games have some potential. Let me know which you think sounds the most promising, and what ideas you have for any or all of them. I look forward to your comments!


Paul Owen said...

I like the sound of Odysseus: Winds of Fate. It reminds me of an early prototype I really liked at Congress of Gamers, "Pole Position," except that your split pot concept makes for a very different payoff dynamic. Wish I could be there to see it.

Andrew said...

I'm torn between Reading Railroad (which I haven't played) and Winds of Fate (which I have, several years ago, but which still needed work). Assuming Moctezuma's Revenge is fairly quick, I'd be interested in playing a game, time permitting.

Jeff said...

Glad to hear Winds of Fate is coming back off the shelf, I've always really liked the idea of that one. If it's ready in time, send a proto to winter Spielbany, I'm sure we could get a few folks to give it a spin.