Thursday, June 04, 2015

Exotica / Battlecruisers Kickstarter (EmDo Double Feature!)

This morning a kickstarter project for two Eminent Domain products went live - my EmDo expansion Exotica is one of them, and the other is a standalone game by Philip duBarry called Battlecruisers.

In that kickstarter you can get either game for $25, or both for $40!

Here is an interview from The Inquisitive Meeple about Exotica (I believe Ryan will have an interview with Philip about Battlecruisersup shortly):

Seth Jaffee Introduces Us to Exotica

 So, if you've been waiting for this, or if you like EmDo, or if you're just curious what I'm on about... check out the kickstarter project!


And here is the Battlecruisers interview:

Philip duBarry talks Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers

1 comment:

SuperioR said...


Curious about where the EU backers get their games ship from (customs and such problems x( ).

I'll back it if it's EU friendly but otherwise I'm hoping it's released to retailers as the other versions have been?

Well... depending on all the extra ks goodies... :)

Hopefully the KS goes well!