Friday, August 25, 2017

Two upcoming TMG titles: Harvest and Pioneer Days

Two of the games I did a lot of development work on are finally coming out!


At Essen in October, TMG will be debuting Harvest, by Trey Chambers:

Harvest is a compact worker placement game set in the lighthearted fantasy world of Harbour. Take on the role of one of the denizens of Gullsbottom, and put together the best harvest of the season!

A game of Harvest lasts just 5 rounds. In each round you will:
  1. Reveal new cards with new worker spaces for the round.
  2. Draft an initiative card, which will give you your turn order for the round, as well as some bonus resources or action. The earlier turn order you get, the less of a bonus will come with it.
  3. Place 2 farmers on actions, resolving each immediately.
In addition to the initiative bonus and two actions for the turn, your character card will confer an additional power or option to take advantage of. So even with only 2 worker pawns and 5 rounds of play, you can get quite a bit done!

Over the course of the game you will obtain and plant seeds, tend your fields, and harvest crops to make room for more planting. You will also build helpful structures for more abilities or bonus scoring.

I really enjoy Harvest, and I could see it being a big hit due to the fun and interesting decisions packed into the simplicity and compactness of the game.


Also coming this year from TMG is Pioneer Days, by Matthew Dunstan and Chris Marling. I've been working on Pioneer Days for quite some time, and I'm glad to finally see it getting printed!

In Pioneer Days, you take on the role of a pioneer heading out west along the Oregon trail, collecting cattle and townsfolk, panning for gold, and dealing with different disasters that befall you on your journey. I was intrigued by this game from the start due to its clever dice drafting mechanism, as well as the way it really evokes the old Oregon Trail computer game.

Each round in Pioneer Days you'll roll some dice -- 1 more than the number of players in the game. On your turn, you'll choose one die and do one of three things with it: take income, take a townsfolk, or take an action. After each player has chosen a die, the remaining one indicates a disaster based on its color. That disaster track is advanced, and when it reaches the end, the disaster strikes, and each player must contend with the disaster as best they can!

I've put a lot of work into these games myself, and I know the designers have as well. If games from TMG, or these designers, or with me as a developer excite you, then keep your eyes peeled for Harvest and Pioneer Days -- coming soon to a FLGS near you!


Seth Jaffee said...

The box covers for Harvest and Pioneer Days are on BGG, if you use that site, then please take a moment to go check them out and give them a thumb:


Pioneer Days:


Josh 'Dagar' Zscheile said...

Hey Seth,

both sound great and I am looking forward to seeing (and testing?) them at Essen. Will you be there?



Seth Jaffee said...

Josh, I won't be at Essen this year. Hopefully I'll return next year.

I hope you get a chance to play these at Essen, and I hope you like them! Since you're a fan of Eminent Domain, I think there's a good chance you'll like these two (just based on the fact that I like them :) )

Let me know how it goes when you play them.

Josh 'Dagar' Zscheile said...

Hey Seth,

sure will do if I get around to playing them.
Any plans for translations (if these are language dependent at all, but it seems to me they are)? I still grudge Pegasus for messing up the german version of EmDo and then leaving it to die on the base game, but games in german get to see the table much more (even though my wife got hooked on my english EmDo:Escalation a couple of weeks ago and we stuck to it for a dozen plays...)



Seth Jaffee said...

@Josh - I'm not sure what the plans are for localization of Harvest and Pioneer Days.

I'm glad to hear your wife enjoys Escalation, and that you guys have been able to stick with it, even though the expansions aren't in German!

I hope you get a chance to try Oblivion when it comes out... who knows, maybe we'll find another partner to do localized versions of EmDo and all the expansions, maybe in one big box. That would be cool!