Thursday, July 31, 2008

8/7 Central - Proposed changes

Proposed rules changes for 8/7 Central

Issue: Auctions take a long time and though the auction mechanic is cool, the auction system is problematic (causes problems with moving/placing programs as well).

Proposal: No auctions. Instead, there will be a display with 4 slots for programs which will be turned up from the deck. Actually, I'm thinking 2 decks (1/2-hr shows and 1-hr shows), 2 displays (4 and 2 cards) costing $3/4/6/9 for the 1/2-hr shows and $5/8 for the 1-hr shows. As an action you can buy a Program from the display for it's current cost. Then all programs behind it slide forward (become cheaper) and the last slot is filled from the deck. Programs purchased might go directly into play, but maybe instead they will go to a Holding Bin (see below).

Alternatively: 1 deck not 2, 1 display not 2... 1-hr programs cost X+$3 (where X is the cost based on the slot it occupies).

Issue: Moving/Placing programs rules have always been clunky, takes a lot of time, and will be affected by the removal of auctions from the game.

Proposal: Move a Program as an action. For no money cost, you can move a program to another time slot. If there is already a Program in the new time slot, it is "bumped" into a Holding Bin. A Move action could be used to move a Program from the Holding Bin into the Lineup (of course, potentially bumping another Program to the Bin). Programs in the Holding Bin do not count for scoring and are not checked for hits. Ads and modifiers cannot be played on Programs in the Holding Bin. Ads on Programs being bumped are discarded. Modifiers stay with the Program in the Holding Bin (or maybe they are discarded as well). Whenever a Program is moved for any reason, it loses 1 (all? 1/2?) Ratings Counter.

Issue: Starting Lineup - how to handle if not auctions?

Proposal: Deal out some programs to each player. Probably 8 of which they will choose 6 to be in their starting lineup. Because some programs may be "better" than others, the starting configuration will dictate how much money each player starts with. Basically players will start with some amount of money (probably 30 or so), and then will have to pay for their 6 programs at some rate. Maybe $3 per 1/2-hr show and $5 per 1-hr show... or $4 and $6 or something like that. or maybe each Program will have a printed value which is it's cost.

Alternatively: If programs have printed costs, then the Display could be redone to be COST+1/2/3/4 - which might automatically take into account 1-hr shows.

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