Thursday, July 17, 2008

New prototypes to try out!

Ever since KublaCon I've been trying to get together a copy of JC Lawrence's 'Ohana Proa together to play with people around here. I've finally gotten "almost done" with that, and in addition I've got 2 friends in Chicago who say they're going to send me prototypes of their games to play.

Scott Slomiany has finished a prototype of Dark Water Salvage, his deduction game about searching for shipwrecks:

Each player is a salvage team, racing to discover and salvage the most valuable shipwrecks. Shipwrecks are initially hidden "on the board" and through logical deduction methods and triangulation of revealed information, players can determine the location of the wrecks. Additionally, players must carefully balance the need of overspending on the loans they take out from the local Naval Historical Society; it doesn't matter if you've found the most prestigious Shipwrecks if you can't pay back your loans.

And Dwight Sullivan has resurfaced at BGDF, now with a prototype of Noblemen which has been in the works for about 3 years. he asked if I'd read through the rules, and offered to send me his copy to play.

Scott's always got some clever gimmick or gizmo, and I like the sound of the way information is hidden in Dark Water Salvage. I read the rules to Noblemen, and it sounds like a totally solid eurogame, the kind I generally like. I look forward to trying them both out - and to finally finishing my copy of 'Ohana Proa!

And of course I'm looking to play the latest version of Terra Prime as well, and Homesteaders with the latest building changes. So much to do, and at the same time there's Stone Age, Brass, and Merchants of Amsterdam to play! Never mind that I'd like to try Wealth of Nations or any of the new stuff coming out... and eventually my copy of Agricola will arrive.

I'm swamped!

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