Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Too Euro for a theme that screams Ameritrash."

Last November I handed off my All For One prototype to Zev Schlasinger of Zman Games. Since then he got really busy undertaking many publishing projects, and he hadn't gotten a chance to play All For One - until last Sunday. I just emailed him to see how that went, and his reply was a little disheartening, though not really a surprise:

"...it just didn't work for us. I think perhaps it is too Euro for a theme that screams Ameritrash (to put it all in common terms)."

I got the impression after his comments last time that perhaps his idea of what a the Three Musketeers game would be like might differ from ours, and with the way he put it this time it makes perfect sense. I wouldn't personally think of Three Musketeers as "Ameritrashy" - but then if I made a Pirate game, it wouldn't be like Pirate's Cove either. I can totally see where he's coming from - All For One is definitely designed to be a Euro-style game.

The good news is that another publisher, Reiver Games, is interested in the prototype and I'll be sending it there next. I hope they're idea of the Three Musketeers is more about the intrigue and less about sword fighting...

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