Friday, February 19, 2010

Eminent Domain - Trade and Harvest roles

I took a little walk today and on that walk I thought about how the Trade and Harvest roles could be represented differently in Eminent Domain. So far I've been unhappy with how they work, and the current "fix" is not perfect either.

A thought I had while walking was this: what if I combined the Trade and Harvest cards into 1 card... the Action on the card could be:

"Produce 1 resource."

And the Role and Follow could be:

"Produce 1 Resource per Harvest icon OR trade 1 resource per Trade symbol."

I'm not sure whether the icons would be shared or not actually - I could make just 1 icon for both... this would affect the technology cards - should a tech card help harvesting but not trading? Does that even make sense? Does it make sense to have "+1 Trade" or "+1 Harvest" anymore in this case? I think it could be nice to have the icons separate, but the card count for both.

It's worth thinking about anyway.

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