Tuesday, February 23, 2010


MaBiWeb is a really awesome website where you can play board games on line. It's turn based, with a super sweet interface. The system emails you when it's your turn, you log in, make your move, click done, and that's it. They have a handful of really great games on there, including but not limited to In the Year of the Dragon, In the Shadow of the Emperor, and Mykerinos.

About 6 weeks ago I joined a game of each of those, and somehow I lost track of them. I forgot that I was in those games, and I never received emails telling me it was my turn. I just remembered about them today! I logged in to find that the games were gone. I feel terrible about this, as they probably all stalled out on my turn (because I didn't know to log in and play) and the admins probably just deleted the games. I hate when other people aren't attentive to their games, and so I feel extra terrible that I caused all three of those games to stall. I remember thinking they were all really interesting games too, and was having a lot of fun playing them.

So I deserve an "Epic Fail!" for F'ing up 3 games on MaBiWeb. If you were in those games and are reading this, then I sincerely apologize! I suspect the MaBiWeb emails were going straight to my spam folder (thank you Yahoo filtering!) - a situation I'm trying to fix right now.

Again, apologies all around. Please don't think I'm one of those jerks who starts online games and doesn't finish them!

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Lynette said...

FYI Mabiweb auto deletes after 30 days of no activity. So at least no admin needed to remove the games.