Friday, February 26, 2010

Ground Floor - things for next test

Just to recap from my last post about Ground Floor, here are the things I'd like to try for next time...

7 round game, phase 1 lasting 2 rounds, phase 2 lasting 2 rounds, and phase 3 lasting 3 rounds.

I'm not sure about this, but maybe the "build-out" game end should be at your 6th total floor (5th add'l) rather than 7th (6th add'l). I don't know if that would be too easy to do too early - I wouldn't want people building out too often in round 5, but maybe once in a while, more often on round 6 or 7.

Cut the Economic Forecast deck down a little bit by removing the extra copies of the Boom and Depression cards - since there's max 1 of each, there's no worrying about seeing the first one and therefore knowing the second one. Keep the Recovery (Upturn?) and Recession cards the same.

Also, during a Recession I think the $16 Merchandising slot should be off limits, and in a Depression maybe the top 2 price brackets should be off limits.

And I think the low end values for Merchandising should bump up to 8/10/12/14/16. Mostly this is so you aren't LOSING money when you have to price at the lowest bracket.

And I wouldn't mind a "wholesale" consolation for when your product falls off the chart ($4 or maybe $6). I could probably live without that, but it might be nice to have. You'd get it at the END of the round, so you still couldn't use it that turn...

OR, maybe the chart should be adjusted right away so you don't have to revisit it at the end of the round, in which case you would get the consolation right away, which might be OK anyway since it's such a bad deal.

One last thing, I would like to phase the T.I.s as well - with the 3 obvious early game buys in Phase 1 (Network Admin, Internship, Human Resources), the other 3 in Phase 2 (Warehouse, Emergency Meeting, Customer Service (do we need a new name for that?)), and maybe add a phase 3 "Bonus T.I." - which is worth maybe 1pp per T.I. you've built. Could be interesting, would count toward Executive Bonus floor (Because it's called "Bonus T.I.") - might be fun. Plus it could be a good endgame play for someone who can't afford a Bonus Floor (which would be better). In fact, a normal Floor might be as good or better than the Bonus T.I. unless you concentrate on T.I.s anyway.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Conference Room seems bad, as Andrew pointed out to me (it's like the remodeled meeting room, only more limited). Maybe it should get better (i5?) or get cut.

Edit: And 1 last thing I also forgot, when Remodeling your Supply Closet, I think you should find some Supplies hidden away in there (+1 Supply when remodeling Supply Coloset) to make it equivalent to the Supply specialty.

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