Monday, May 23, 2011

Bluff Auction - Possible titles

So far these are the nominees for a title of the Bluff Auction game. None of them even hint at the "highest bid without going over" mechanism, or the Liar's Dice inspiration (not that they need to). Which one sounds the best to you? What other title do you suggest?

Cura Galeria
Museum of Lost History
Treasures of the Ages
Exhibit: Museum of Lost History
Exhibit: Lost History
Exhibit: Treasures of the Ages
Exhibition: Museum of Lost History
Exhibition: Lost History
Exhibition: Treasures of the Ages


Thomas D said...

I liked Gentry's theme suggestion and Rosebud title.

Of what was listed above, "Museum of Lost History" sounds cool, but it's really up to five museums, all centered on one auction, right?

If the items on display are cashed in, maybe something along the lines of "Travelling Exhibition" or "Permanent Exhibition". Or, as they haven't been seen before, "Unearthed Treasures" or "Timeless Treasures"

Seth Jaffee said...

New front runner...

Exhibit: Artifacts of the Ages

Clive said...

I like Museum of Lost History

Jeff said...

Museum of Lost History is the best of the bunch for me.

I don't like "Exhibit: [Insert whatever here]".